Canadian breeders specialized in Uromastyx and other desert-dwelling lizards

We are temporarily not shipping to the EU.

Lizards International Sales - European Union (EU)

(For pick-up at the Terraristika Hamm Reptile Expo)



All our regular lizard prices apply, as stated on our website here.

To the lizards’ prices, you must add the shipping fees, once per shipment, according to the number of lizards you wish to buy, as stated by the following table:

Number of lizards
Shipping fees (in CAD)
1 140$
2 240$
3 315$
4 320$
5 400$
6 480$
7 560$
8 640$
9 720$
10 800$
11+ Please inquire

If you want to order any CITES protected animals (e.g. Uromastyx), to this sub-total (the animals price and shipping fees), you must also add the CITES export/import permits fees. These permits are 200$ for each species you wish to buy.



Our CB lizard babies usually hatch from June to July of each year.

Reservation deposits must be done before June 1st.

The time required for the preparation and the reception of all the mandatory CITES export/import papers can take up to 5 months, because the European papers are asked only after the acceptance of the Canadian papers.

The final payment invoice (the other 50% of the animals cost, the shipping fees and the CITES export/import permits fees) will be sent 1 month before the Terraristika Hamm Reptile Expo, and will need to be fully paid at least 7 days before the shipping date.

Shipping occurs the week before the September Terraristika Hamm Reptile Expo, usually at the beginning of September (please check for exact dates here). You are responsible to pick up the animals there. If you cannot pick-up the animal there, it is possible for our European partner to ship the animal directly to your location (or the nearest airport), with additional shipping fees. Contact us for more information on this.

If, for some reasons, we cannot get all the required CITES export/import papers on time for the September Terraristika Hamm Reptile Expo, the shipping will unfortunately be postponed to the next one, usually in December.