Canadian breeders specialized in Uromastyx and other desert-dwelling lizards

Lizards International Sales - United States (USA)

(Shipping directly to your location)



All our regular lizard prices apply, as stated on our website here.

To the lizards’ prices, you must add the CITES export paperwork & shipping fees, once per shipment, as stated by the following table:

Number of lizards
Total fees (in CAD)
Any 650$



Our CB lizard babies usually hatch from June to July of each year.

Reservation deposits must be done before July 15th. This consist on a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the animals price and a non-refundable 150$ (out of the total fees of 650$) for the CITES export paperwork fees.

The time required for the preparation and the reception of all the mandatory CITES export papers can take up to 3 months, but is usually around 2 months.

The final payment invoice (the other 50% of the animals price and the remaining 500$ for the shipping fees) will be sent around the beginning of September, and will need to be fully paid at least 7 days before the shipping date.

Shipping usually occurs from end of September to mid-December.

When the mandatory CITES export papers will be on hands, we will confirm the exact shipping date.

The lizards are first shipped to our third-party partner, which cross the border and then they are then dispatched to your location by using FedEx with an overnight service. We strongly suggest that the lizards be hold at the nearest hub for pick-up, because it is the safest option.